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"Your Will Be Done"
Capturing Your Entrepreneurial Arena Victories

I can teach you to become successful and maintain riches while growing your wealth. I will give you the skills and knowledge to create and attain your Wired Differently entrepreneurial dreams.

I am still in the Arena with you as an owner-operator of 14 Organization, and I’m not going anywhere anytime soon!

My coaching methods and mindsets are based on the efforts and successes of the human in the arena!

I am still the human operating in the arena with you…I have built a solid foundation for you to succeed in your own organization by providing you with infrastructure and support. I will train you to live and operate differently—to build an organization that is wired differently.

*Todd works with a limited amount of petitioned applicants. 


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Why Choose Todd Saylor

You know you should be doing something with your life, but you can’t figure out what that is. You want to feel more motivated, confident, and able to achieve your goals, but somehow it never seems to happen. If this sounds like you and you’re ready for change, Todd Saylor can help.

31 Million Dollar Networth

Your life is just a negotiation away from being your best. Todd can help you stop drifting and start achieving in life. Learn from a businessman that is worth over 31 million dollars.

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 Todd Saylor has helped millions of people live the life they deserve, and he can help you too! If you join his coaching program today, you’ll receive a welcome package with three of his books, as well as some additional goodies.

Todd Saylor Coaching Pricing

Don't Drift, Achieve Your Goal.

Get your questions answered quickly, get feedback and direction, and get on the fast track to success.

Personal Coaching


Initial Payment

Todd Saylor Coaching Sessions

Not everyone can afford a $100,000 MBA. Unfortunately, many of the concepts you’ll learn in business school could be learned much more easily and at a lower price. Let’s help you get your hands on some of these great ideas without breaking the bank. Join today and get a %60 off your first month.

Sessions Component Time Length Price Lesson
Initial Session One Discover and Training 75 mins Included The Drift
Initial Session Two Goal and Planning 50 mins Included Believe
Initial Session Three Wired Differently Framework 50 mins Included Prepare
Initial Session Four Implementation 50 mins Included Attack
Individual Sessions Five and Beyond... Extra Sessions 40 mins Discounted Rate (Require Signup)
Subsequent Block of 4 Sessions 4 Sessions 50 mins/Session Discounted Rate (Requires Signup)

Wired Differently Entrepreneurship Advice from a Successionaire


Vision for your future

Gain clarity of what’s most important to you personally and/or professionally from inside out. – Create a vision for your future. – Design your ideal life. Sometimes setting goals can be tough because we don’t have a clear picture of what exactly we’re trying to achieve. After finishing this program, you will have a crystal clear image of what you want for yourself!

Take control

Hands On Mentorship

You will have a knowledgeable person who is willing to field any question that you have regarding business, life, or anything else. You will learn how to leverage your difference for a profit. You will learn how to develop your most valuable asset, your thoughts. By changing your thoughts, you can change your life.


Personal Growth

ou will be able to apply what you have learned directly into your life. This includes coaching, personal development, self-improvement, leadership, and even family. Imagine having all of your life questions answered in one place by a person who is not full of snake oil but rather full of great wisdom waiting for the world to hear it. That is what Todd Saylor Coaching has created here!

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The Advantage you deserve

You get the proven results from their businesses and from my personal experience. We all have different skill sets and we leverage those skills to work more effectively than the competition.

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Todd’s program will teach you how to think and do differently and how to build your own success. And you can save $2000 by joining today!