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Todd Saylor speaks to groups of all sizes on topics that range from management and leadership, to personal development and team building. While his presentation style is energetic, humorous and fun, his material is always delivered with gravitas.

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The World #1 Successionaire Coach

My passion is coaching the next generation of leaders to master the legacy process. I help families and business owners build cohesive, strategic plans that enable them to take command of their destiny, with a clear vision for the future.

Todd's Purpose

Todd Saylor’s purpose as a speaker is to empower individuals and organizations to reach their full potential. He achieves this by delivering engaging and informative presentations on a variety of topics that are designed to inspire, educate and motivate his audience. He covers topics related to management, leadership, personal development, and team building. 

His goal is to help individuals and teams develop the skills and mindset they need to overcome obstacles and achieve success in their professional and personal lives. Through his presentations, Todd aims to help people to become more effective leaders, better communicators, and more efficient problem solvers, in order to achieve their goals and improve their overall performance.

his Achievements

Todd Saylor is a multi-faceted professional with a diverse range of accomplishments. As a businessman, he has built and managed multiple successful companies, resulting in him becoming a multi-millionaire. He is also an accomplished author, having written multiple books on business, leadership, and personal development. These books have become bestsellers.

As an entrepreneur coach, Todd has helped many business owners to start and grow their companies, and has become a trusted advisor to many leaders in the industry. His knowledge and experience in business and leadership, combined with his ability to communicate effectively, has made him a sought-after speaker at conferences and events across the country.

Todd Saylor is also a national speaker, He travels the country speaking to groups of all sizes on various topics that range from management and leadership, to personal development and team building. His speeches have been well received, with many praising his ability to deliver valuable insights in a relatable and engaging way. His presentations are known for being informative, motivational and inspiring, which is why he has become a well-known name in the speaking industry.

Overall, Todd Saylor’s accomplishments reflect his ability to excel in many different areas, making him a valuable asset to any organization or individual looking to improve their performance and achieve their goals.


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Why Hire Todd Saylor?

Wired Differently Entrepreneur CEO Author Speaker

 Todd has dedicated his life to helping others through his speaking series and Wired Differently Inc. He is a confident and successful businessman, author, motivational speaker, and advocate for the less fortunate. He believes in being unique and doing what makes each person happy.


Manchester University

BS Business Management





PayServ Systems

Employee Solutions Incorporated 


National Sales Director

Employee Solutions Incorporated



Toms Donuts Family business and multiple franchise owner

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Mindset, Differently Approach, Finance, Life Changes, Leadership, Purpose



The Wired Differently Framework

During his speaking engagements, Todd Saylor talks about his “Wired Differently” framework, a perspective of the world that helps people see difficult situations differently and achieve success. By applying this unique perspective, it’s possible to flip our thoughts on their head to create better outcomes than we could have ever imagined.

High Performance Sales

High-performing sales teams are essential to driving revenue, and Todd Saylor knows how to do it. During his speaking events, he talks about everything from coaching your team to overcoming common objections to building a strong pipeline. If you’re looking for insights on how to grow your sales team – Todd is the guy who will give them to you.

Leadership and Storytelling

Todd Saylor is an expert at using storytelling and humor to help people identify and overcome the obstacles in their way. Todd Saylor helps his audience find their own path by giving them a bigger perspective on life and how to use it to overcome challenges.

Finding Your "Why"

What separates Todd from other motivational speakers is his ability to decode culture, create contagious content, and deliver an uplifting message that leaves you wanting more. Find your why is the secret sauce of not just living a happy, successful life, but also finding your calling.

Prepare, Believe, Attack

Prepare, Believe, Attack: Three simple steps to a new you. The most important thing is preparation. You must be prepared to be the best version of yourself at all times. It is only by preparing that we can truly believe ourselves worthy of success and it is only when we believe in our abilities that we can attack anything that stands in our way. During Todd Saylor’s speaking events, he talks how to Prepare, Believe, Attack and the importance of having a plan.

Business Leaders
At any given time, Todd Saylor can be found speaking at conferences, conducting one-on-one interviews and coaching sales professionals worldwide. His presentations are inspiring, provocative and engaging as Todd provides audiences with the tools they need to succeed.

Todd can come out to speak with young entrepreneurs and encourage them to reach their potential by following the innovative concepts he has created. His passion for helping others is infectious, and he’s been able to motivate millions of people all over the world.

Executive Professionals

If you need help achieving your goals and life direction, todd saylor and his speaking events can help get you there. Todd Saylor is a professional speaker and thought leader in corporate culture change. He has leveraged his experience in management consulting, executive coaching and leadership development to become a sought-after expert for those seeking to improve their workplace environment.


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Todd Saylor is an international keynote speaker, teacher and author who has traveled more than half a million miles on five continents. He is an internationally recognized expert in entrepreneurship, leadership and global strategy that can be applied in any business or organization.


“When I think of Todd Saylor, I think of a motivated mentor and leader. Todd has a winning attitude in life and that is why I believe he is such a success. Mr. Saylor and I have worked together on a few projects and I believe in his leadership and admire his enthusiasm. Todd is also a very caring person who believes in helping others and it is a passion of his. I'm proud of Todd's achievements and his philanthropy to this community has been significant.”

Trent Lewis

Business Owner at Grand Touring Drone

"When I first met Todd Saylor, I was both overwhelmed by his energy and somewhat skeptical about his outlandish concepts—Wired Differently! Land of Quo! leverage your favors!—that he promoted to better yourself and as a means to achieve success. In working with him, I came around to appreciate his talent at analyzing the world and distilling its challenges into teaching moments that offered profound insights into human behavior and self-improvement. I realized that his ideas were much more than catchy buzzwords but practical and effective keys to unlocking your potential."

Mario Acevedo

Business Owner

Frequently asked questions

What is Todd Saylor’s background?

Todd Saylor is a motivational speaker, author, and the founder of PayServ Systems. He has spent his career working with people from all walks of life to help them realize their full potential. He has also been featured in numerous publications, including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

What can I expect when I hire Todd Saylor as my motivational speaker?

When you hire Todd Saylor as your motivational speaker, you can expect him to deliver an inspiring presentation that will leave your audience motivated and ready for action! His presentations are interactive, engaging and informative—he will even answer questions directly from audience members so everyone can participate in the discussion!

What is the cost of hiring Todd Saylor, motivational speaker?

The cost of hiring Todd Saylor, motivational speaker, depends on the number of hours you need him for and the location where he is needed. You can contact us by emailing [email protected], or calling 260334234 to get a quote on your specific needs.

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What does he talk about?

Todd speaks about his Wired Differently framework. Todd also talks about how to overcome obstacles in life, how to get what you want out of your career, and how to be a better person overall.

What kind of events does Todd Saylor speak at?
Todd Saylor has spoken at over 500 events across the country, including corporate retreats, conferences, and conventions. He’s also spoken at a number of high schools and universities. If you’re interested in having him speak at your event, let us know what type of event it is so we can give you an accurate quote!
Will Todd Saylor travel?
Yes! We are happy to work with all kinds of budgets—we will help you find the best way to make this work for both parties involved without breaking the bank!

You can see a full list of openings  here.

How do I hire Todd Saylor, motivational speaker?
You can book Todd Saylor by setting up a call on his website, toddsaylor.com. You’ll be contacted within 24 hours to set up a phone call with your account manager and discuss your goals, what you hope to get from hiring Todd, and how he can help you achieve them.
Are there any special qualifications required to hire Todd Saylor, motivational speaker?
No! We’ve worked with everyone from high school students to Fortune 500 companies and everything in between—we’d love to help you!

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