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Wired Differently By Todd Saylor

Wired Differently By Todd Saylor



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Wired Differently By Todd Saylor

Do you want to be average? If the answer to that is a resounding NO, then follow Todd Saylor as he takes you on a journey of rewiring your mind for success. Realizing early in life that he was wired differently, Saylor has always been one to take risks and to never be satisfied with the status quo. But time and time again, his plans were put to the test when faced with a crisis or personal setbacks.

To overcome life’s challenges, Saylor developed his Fulcrum Principles. He shares how to identify your Favors and how to compensate for the compromises and excuses that cause you to Drift off course. Saylor explains his Fulcrums in entertaining anecdotes and epiphanies that are illustrative, poignant, and life-changing.

*Every copy is signed by Todd Saylor

Wired Differently, the first book in this three-book series is a foundational groundbreaking book about how to become aware of your “attitudinal disorder”. It introduces the ideas that will allow you to discover the land of the quo. This is where you are able to partake in new levels of awareness and consciousness by living happily in an attitude of gratitude. This is a short but powerful read.

It is a simple and very clear “how-to” book – and the results from a life lived in the attitude of gratitude are profound. This book is for those who wish to grow and experience a higher understanding and awareness of their true wiring.

This book will help you develop a more open and connected relationship with your life, yourself, your family, and your world.


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